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You can find the list of all audio codecs sorted by popularity.

Name Code Author View
MPEG 2 Layer 2 MPEG Audio 2 layer 2
Real Audio Cook A_REAL/COOK
Real Time Protocol rtp
MPEG 2 Layer 1 MPEG Audio 2 layer 1
Apple QuickTime SWOT Little Endian PCM Audio Codec sowt
Extensible wave FFFE
Unknown tmcd
MPEG Audio 2 Reserved MPEG Audio 2 Reserved
MPEG 1 Layer 2 MPEGAudio1layer2
MPEG Audio 2 layer 3 MPEG Audio 2 layer 3
Intel Music Coder 0401
MPEG Audio 1 Reserved MPEG Audio 1 Reserved
DSPGroup True Speech 0022
Apple QuickTime IMA4 ima4
MPEG Audio 2.5 MPEG Audio 2.5 Reserved